Saturday, May 14, 2016


Jesha Miller
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Robert A. Iger
Chief Executive Officer
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873
Ben Sherwood - Disney media networks / ABC television networks
Zenia Mucha - ABC Broadcast group

Re: Human Rights - Walt disney policies & approaches. Government has the primary responsibility for protecting & upholding the human rights of the citizens. The government & media are violating those rights in violation of the constitution requiring Disney responsibility to aid & assist financially & granting freedom of the press. Grant for 10 million dollars.

    President Obama refuses his number one duty to enforce the law, the Judicial branch is concealing its own corruption, & Congress refuses to acknowledge the Constitution’s checks & balances intended to uphold the integrity of the Constitution. That’s the Executive Branch, [ ] the Legislative Branch, [ ], and the Judicial Branch, [] The government has violated the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, []
The State of Indiana imposed & condones SLAVERY in every Branch of it’s government broken down with the evidence on blog at [] The government has cut off all sources of money to render me into poverty so I need for health, food, shelter, car, phone, cable, & advertisement to expose corruption. This philanthropy can be returned to aid in future cause of Walt Disney. [ See;]
     Abc News is part of the problem because corruption in the U.S. Supreme court is Breaking News of National concern for all citizens of the U.S. I have a 1st amendment right that YOUR NEWS COMPANY ARE VIOLATING. The FCC has given Broadcast stations the discretion to air what they want in the interest of the community. It is not in the interest of the citizens for the media to cover-up government crime & corruption & neither can the media censor because the 1st amendment states that is an evil. Our is a government that the people can speak out against government officials violating the positions of authority, also the 1st amendment is intended to uphold the integrity by exposing abuse of power & corruption to run a clean government.
    As a philanthropist I ask for 10 million dollars & a news team to give immediate coverage on TV, radio, & Evening news. It is a constitutional right under the first amendment to freedom of the press so Diane Sawyer & Tom Cibrowski need to give immediate coverage & book me on Good morning America. Annotation 10 - First Amendment - Clear & Present Danger
The purpose of the speech - press clauses has evidently been to protect parties in the FREE PUBLICATION of MATTERS OF PUBLIC CONCERN, to secure their right to a free discussion of public events and PUBLIC MEASURES, and to ENABLE EVERY CITIZEN AT ANY TIME TO BRING THE GOVERNMENT and any person in authority to the Bar of Public Opinion BY ANY JUST CRITICISM UPON THEIR CONDUCT IN THE EXERCISE OF AUTHORITY WHICH THE PEOPLE HAVE CONFERRED UPON THEMThe EVILS to be prevented were not the censorship of the press merely, but ANY ACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT BY MEANS OF WHICH IT MIGHT PREVENT SUCH FREE AND GENERAL DISCUSSION OF PUBLIC MATTERS AS SEEMS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to prepare the people for an intelligent exercise of their rights as citizens. Problem was with ABC refusing my right to freedom of the press government can continue violating human rights & running a corrupt government because there’s no transparency.
Not only is the Judicial Branch corrupt but the Justice department run by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. I redressed government to correct the wrongs violating the Bill of Rights, rights government MUST protect & the Justice department has refused to process the petition. Petition arrived June 1, 2015, [ See: ] must be processed in the timely manner from 60 to 90 days. I reminded the Justice department September to no avail because the Justice Department have no intention to process the complaint because then they have to pay for default on the guaranteed rights & the checks & balances due to evidence irrefutable of an act against the law by the U.S. Supreme Court, abuse of power, dereliction of duty & imposed SLAVERY.
Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
   Government power is limited so the Justice department violate the first amendment refusing to process the petition redressing government. The Judicial Branch act refusing to enforce the 1st amendment is in defiance of their duty to enforce the law & is evil refusing the Demands of the 1st amendment not to prevent freedom of the press in any manner. President Obama refuses his number one duty under Article II, Sec. 3 to faithfully see that the Federal Laws are enforce.
[ See; - Courts cannot conceal their own corruption ]
Both the Judicial Branch & the Department of Justice violate my human rights because the rights they are denying are the same rights every citizen is entitled to. The motive for abuse of power in the U.S. Supreme Court was to deny a total of 50 million dollars & cover-up the federal crime pursuant to Title 18, sec. 243 which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race. Money & power the age old motive for corruption.

   I pray to the CREATOR open the heart of Robert A. Iger comply with the WALT DISNEY Company RESPONSIBILITY TO UPHOLD HUMAN RIGHTS giving aid & assistance with Money of 10 million & immediate media coverage. Ben Sherwood as a Journalist must have the integrity to publish the truth on all News show & Good Morning America immediately because government has abused it power in all Branches of government.
Sincerely - Jesha Miller
Date: May 14, 2016

HUMAN RIGHTS HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY STATEMENT //  . We respect and support international principles aimed at protecting and promoting human rights, The Walt Disney Company is committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manners described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In our own operations, Disney seeks to operate in compliance with all applicable laws wherever we do business. While governments have the primary responsibility for protecting and upholding the human rights of their citizens, Disney recognizes its responsibility to respect human rights in its operations. In addition, we recognize that we have an opportunity to promote human rights where we can make a positive contribution. This includes, among other things, opposing human trafficking and the exploitation of children. [ ]

   The Judicial Branch is also covering up the judicial misconduct so immediate help is needed to keep communications because the cable bill is due this Monday, May 16, 2016. My phone is off & need payment for straight talk. 812 4702531. Buy card & put minutes please.
[ see; ] The counsel was moved to intervene by ORDERING media to cease denying coverage to inform the public of the checks & balances to run a clean government.
    The checks & balances have evidence of corruption by top officials in every Branch of government as it should because the checks & balances are used for abuse of power in an entire branch of government. This is the same as WATERGATE REQUIRING NATIONAL COVERAGE. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE STATE THIS BE PROVEN BEFORE A CANDID WORLD SO THE MEDIA ARE WRONG TO CONCEAL THIS FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC TO BEGIN WITH. The actions of the officials are in defiance of the Constitution & are pushed under the table without media coverage in all areas. They bring this on themselves in total disregard for the Constitution or oath to uphold the Constitution.